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What should I look for when getting motor breakdown quotes?

When you are looking for motor breakdown quotes you need to be aware that different quotes can be for different types of breakdown cover. There are many different levels of breakdown cover offering different benefits and exclusions which reflect the price that you pay, but ultimately there are two different types of cheap breakdown cover that you can buy – personal breakdown cover and vehicle specific breakdown cover.

What are the different motor breakdown quotes that I can get?

Personal breakdown cover means that the driver is insured by the motor breakdown quote provider, and that no matter what car they drive they will be covered to call their company for assistance. This means that you could own more than one vehicle and only need one breakdown cover policy.

With vehicle specific breakdown cover, you have to register the details of the vehicle when you get a motor breakdown quote, and you would only be covered on that vehicle for assistance. This works in the same way as car insurance, and you would need a seperate breakdown cover policy for each vehicle that you had.

Which type of motor breakdown quote is best?cheap-breakdown-cover-2

In practice, if you had personal car breakdown cover but someone else was driving your car, they may not be covered for assistance, whereas with vehicle car breakdown cover any driver would be covered for assistance with the vehicle registered on the car breakdown cover policy. It’s also more likely that someone else will be driving a vehicle than for one person to own muliple vehicles without someone else driving them.

Personal car breakdown cover also tends to be more expensive – companies calculate car breakdown cover premiums based on risk, and with personal cover having different vehicles to cover, the risk can be more difficult to calculate, resulting in a higher premium. With vehicle specific car breakdown cover, the risk can be calculated easily based on the type of vehicle and its age, resulting in a reduced premium.

Where should I go for a motor breakdown quote?

For all of these reasons, on balance vehicle specific car breakdown cover will be the best option for most people. It also makes sense to go to a car breakdown cover provider that specialises in vehicle specific breakdown cover. For peace of mind, we recommend First Call for your breakdown cover. Founded in 2002, First Call offers the best breakdown cover for the price. Cheap breakdown cover from First Call is offered at fixed prices for any age vehicle. They also offer European breakdown cover for drivers who travel abroad. Join today!